QED-it Enhanced Diligence: Zero-Knowledge Blockchain as a business accelerator for SMEs.

Today, trust in the economic world lies on costly and time consuming processes: financial auditing, credit-insurance, debt rating, as well as due diligence processes, all requiring strong financial and legal resources. As a result, SMEs hardly have access to private investment, important long-term projects or bonds issuing. For major financial actors such as auditing firms, credit insurance companies or VCs, the vast majority of the market is out of reach. For both SMEs and financial corporations, the result is a loss of business opportunities.

QED-it Enhanced Diligence uses the power of Zero-Knowledge Blockchain to enable SMEs access to today’s unreachable financial services. As a distributed technology, blockchain tackles the “too small to trust” issue, allowing SMEs to self-audit and provide certified proofs to their partners. Combined with zero-knowledge proof cryptography, it ensures the retention of privacy for entrepreneurs’ strategic data.

Reduce costs of financial processes

Save time in financial processes

Keep your strategic data private

Based on real-time certified data

Watch the full pitch of Jonathan Rouach, CEO of QED-it at Techcrunch Disrupt Berlin:

At TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin we pitched a first application of QED-it Enhanced Diligence, focusing on the relationship between startups and investors.

As a startup, we understand how difficult it is to share information with potential investors.

Therefore, we've launched a beta service based on our core technology, Zero-Knowledge Blockchain, to allow entrepreneurs to share real-time certified proofs about their activity to external partners. Both financial actors and startups gain time and trust, without revealing underlying data at an early stage.

The network runs with these partners:

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We're working hard on launching the first blockchain-based solution to give SMEs tools to access complex financial services.